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Fitness Centers

Lasell has two fitness facilities, which are staffed by CPR certified students and open to the Lasell community over 85 hours/week. 

  • The Edwards Fitness Center, located directly across from the Athletic Center, is 2,000 square feet of space filled with cardio machines, free weights and fitness equipment. 

  • The McClelland Fitness Center is located in McClelland Hall overlooking the Van Winkle Courtyard and provides an additional 2,000 square feet of workout space with cardio machines, free weights, and fitness equipment. 

Athletic Training Rooms 

  • The main training room is located on the first floor of Forest Suites Residence Hall on Forest Avenue. The training room is state of the art and is open to student-athletes daily for rehab and for pre and post-game treatment. 

  • The auxiliary training room is located on the first floor of the Athletic Center and is used primarily for game prep for basketball, volleyball, soccer, and softball.